An Everscale-based stablecoin pegged to the Indonesian Rupiah. Explore Indonesia’s safest gateway to the world of crypto.

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It is a stablecoin, which means the token price is tied to the value of the national currency. 1 INDOCOIN equals 1 Indonesia Rupies.

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Buy, sell, trade and transfer with crypto as ongoing blockchain integration opens up new business opportunities.

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Send money to anyone in the world in the blink of an eye thanks to the Everscale blockchain. The average block time is 0.2 sec.

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Token transactions on Everscale are exponentially cheaper than on Ethereum.

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Everscale is a decentralized blockchain with over 215 global validators ensuring your assets are safe.

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Henri Morgan Napitupulu (CEO)
Alexander Gladko
Nimo Naamani

About Henri Morgan Napitupulu

About Nimo

Nimo has over 25 years experience building and managing teams and products across financial, integrations, military, payments, and startup domains. He's an advisor to multiple companies, a WEF tech pioneer award winner and was on the core leadership of Reshuffle - which was acquired by Twitter in 202


If you want to dig deeper into the motivation, goals and mechanics of INDOCOIN, check out our whitepaper

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By listing INDOCOIN on your platform you will receive an unprecedented number of new users.

Join the CBDC future

A CBDC is a blockchain-based digital version of a nation’s fiat currency. In 2021 the percentage of Indonesians that owned crypto assets almost doubled from 2.7 to 4.5.


Find a stable solution to sell your services on the crypto market. Fast and low-fee transactions are a win-win for buyers and sellers.

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Support from the core team with extensive and full documentation will simplify integration of INDOCOIN on your platform.



INDOCOIN (INDOCOIN) is a new Indonesian Rupiah stablecoin developed on Everscale blockchain in partnership with Nusantara Trust and Bank Negara Indonesia.

How to buy it?

INDOCOIN is yet to be issued. Later it will become available for direct purchase via bank and

Why is INDOCOIN issued on the Everscale blockchain?

The Everscale blockchain provides several advantages for INDOCOIN.

- Fast transactions due to an average block time of 0.2 sec.
- Transactions fees on Everscale are extremely low compared to other blockchains
- More than 215 validators worldwide ensure true decentralization and security
- Fully developed DeFi infrastructure (with DEX, cross-chain bridge, wallets) and and a robust ecosystem are already in place

Will the price of INDOCOIN change in the future?

INDOCOIN is a stablecoin, which means the token price is tied to the value of the national currency. 1 INDOCOIN equals 1 Indonesian Rupies, thus the price of the token will stay the same in relation to Indonesian Rupiah, but may change in relation to other currencies.

Where can I buy INDOCOIN?

We are in the process of setting up a purchase option via Bank Negara Indonesia.


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